I am an explorer sailing from the other side of Pacific, a tiny island called Taiwan to United States a decade ago. I followed a typical path, getting a degree and landing a job to become the 1st generation of Asian American. This local train took me passing through many challenges and setbacks, the scenery and experience along the way has become part of me, part of my life and my story.

Traveling to the National Park in the United States and other continents is on the top “things” fueled those years to support my spiritual and wellbeing.

Ingrained-curiosity in my DNA makes me pledged as a junior ranger across dozens of U.S. national parks. I love to interact with rangers in the park or local when traveling to different countries. The time spending with nature makes me humble. The moments interacting with local by hand gestures in another countries makes the experience shine.

WM and I share the same values when traveling as a team. We value adventure over comfort; we treasure local experience over tourist traps. I draft all the itineraries from scratch through the research from books and online forum in order to optimize the time on the road while WM handles all the nitty-gritty details for the logistic. Without his support, those travel idea won’t be realized.

With so much experience from ideation to execution for travel plans, we are happy to share our stories and help you craft a personalized itinerary to create the most memorable trip. Feel free to drop me an email and I’m happy to connect.